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The homestead from above

Growing a Vegetable Garden

Welcome to The Bayou Gardener. Located on the banks of Bayou des Glaises in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana. The fertile land along it's banks are ideal for farming and growing vegetable gardens.

Folks have settled on the waterways of Louisiana for hundreds of years which provided a means of transportation, hunting, fishing, trapping, farming and raising a family. Many little Cajuns (me included) grew up and still live on the Bayou, a true Sportsman's Paradise.

Secret to a Successful Garden

The secret to a successful garden is, "keeping it simple". Plant at the right time, at the right depth and in an area with plenty sunshine. Supply necessary nutrients, water, control the insects and the weeds. Sounds like a lot of work but it really isn't. Keeping tract of what you do in the garden is also easy using a vegetable planting calendar. The answer to most of the above can be found online at a university near you. A good example (for planting in Zone 8) is provided by the LSU AgCenter's Vegetable Planting Guide. Another good source from LSU is the Commercial Planting Guide. Visit their site for a ton of other great information. LSU AgCenter

Your weather and the garden

Much of what we do or plan to do in our gardens is effected by the weather. Knowing what's headed your way can greatly improve your chances of making the right decisions. I use the following radar site by the National Weather Service which gives me a heads up, covering the entire US so I can see it coming a long ways off.


What's going on in the Garden

Tomato seeds were planted in half filled pots.  When the tomato plant grows a couple of inches above the 4 inch peat pot I finish filling with potting soil.  More roots will grow from the covered stem.

Pot filled and will be allowed to grow another 4-6 weeks before transplanting out in the garden around mid-late April.  Of course that depends on the weather.  The white spots on the leaves is liquid Sevin that I sprayed to run the bugs off.

Using a very basic setup to grow my seedlings, a heat mat and a florescent light.  Each year I tell myself I need better temp control but have not got around to it yet.  LOL


"Top Pick" purple hull peas

Hardneck Rocambole Garlic planted for the first time. Only a few didn't come up on a 60 ft. row so I should have plenty.  Average spacing was 8-10 inches apart.  That is giving me plenty room to keep the grass down with my Hooke n' Crooke hoe.


A mix of Candy and Red Grano onions.  Video


Cabbage in the foreground and Cauliflower in the background