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Growing a Vegetable Garden

Transplanting Tomatoes:

Just took a look at the extended (10 day) forecast and it’s looking pretty good down here in Zone 8. Tomatoes will be going in the ground real soon. The old folks always said not to transplant until after Easter, looks like that will be just right this year. Started hardening off some transplants today so they won’t get that full sun shock after planting. This year I’ll be going with Cherokee Purple, Coustralee and a hybrid called Bella Rosa. The Bella Rosa is supposed to take the heat well so it’ll be the last one planted.

Water Soluble Fertilizer for the garden:

Will be using Master Blend (4-18-38) for the first time. To the master blend I’ll be adding an equal amount of Calcium Nitrate (15-0-0) to help reduce blossom end rot and to bring the Nitrogen level up. This combination will give me an approx. analysis of (19-18-38) Also going in the mix will be Magnesium Sulphate (Epson Salt). This should produce good results and will be using it for all vegetables planted. Will be mixing a couple of ounces of the MB, CN and 1 oz. of the Epson Salt per mix and will use it about every other week. This is a water soluble fertilizer but is NOT recommended as a foliar feed.


The West Box

The East Box


CarrotsCarrot Plants Mustard Greens Giant curled mustard greens Candy Onions




Hungarian Wax Peppers harvested from the 5 plants.



Summer Straight Neck Squash. I find these are best pick when smaller than a soda can. Cut up in half inch slices, boiled in seasoned water then adding butter is the way I like em. Since I'm the only one who eats em here, one plant at a time is pleny. Right before they start blooming I'll start another. This can be done all summer long.


Decided to let a few of these "Candy" Onions grow until the tops not only fell over but turned brown before harvesting. One of these is plenty to make several rice and gravies. Two heaping 5 gal. buckets was enough to put up 9 one gal. zip lock bags of chopped onions for the freezer. 



New from Taylor Mfg.

Smaller model 640 pea sheller

Dimensions:  19" L x 9" W x 9" H





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