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My top picks for the 2016 vegetable garden

Over the years I've come to favor certain varieties that I'd like to share with you.  Flavor most often determines my choices but in some cases production is also a factor.

Beans, Snap, Bush … Contender (production) Blue Lake (flavor)

Beans, Snap, Pole … Blue Lake (flavor)

Beets … Detroit Dark Red and Bull’s Blood (flavor)

Broccoli … Packman (flavor and production)

Cabbage … Copenhagen Market (flavor and holds well)

Cantaloupe … Hales Best Jumbo (flavor and production)

Carrots … Danvers 126 (production)

Cauliflower … Amazing and Snowball self-blanching (flavor)

Corn, Sweet … Incredible (flavor and production)

Cucumber … Just about any Burpless (flavor)

Eggplant …. Black Beauty (flavor and production)

Lettuce … ButterCrunch (flavor and production)

Mustard Green … Southern Giant Curled and Tendergreen (flavor and production)

Okra … Cowhorn (flavor and production)

Onions, Bulb … Candy (flavor, production and they're huge)

Onions, Tops … Evergreen White Bunching (production)

Peas … “Top Pick” pink eye purple hull and Zipper Cream (flavor and production)

Peppers, Hot … Hungarian Hot Wax (mild flavor and production)

Peppers, Sweet … Lafayette F1 (flavor and production)

Potatoes, Irish … Red Lasorda (only kind we can get locally)

Spinach … Bloomsdale (flavor)

Squash, Summer … Early Straight Neck and the Crookneck (flavor and production)

Squash, Winter … Butter Cup (flavor and production)

Tomatoes … Cherokee Purple and Cuostralee (flavor)

My Planting Guide


Zipper Cream Peas

Zipper Cream Peas

Cowhorn Okra

Cowhorn Okra

Incredible Sweet Corn

Incredible Sweet Corn

Candy Onion Transplant

Candy Onion Transplant

The GreenStalk vertical planter


This spring I'll be working and videoing my progress with the GreenStalk vertical planter. It's stackable with a slow drip watering system which works well if set-up on a level surface. My plans are to transplant my green onions on the bottom tier, maybe some lettuce or spinach on the second tier and Hungarian hot wax peppers on the top, along with a few bell peppers. A spinner is available to make turning the planter simple and easy for maximum sunlight and harvesting.

Green Stalk Planter
GreenStalk planter

Latest video - Onions Bolted

Help keep the web site, forum and videos going. Donations of $45 or more will receive DVD Series 1 thru 4 as a thank you for your support. Please include your mailing address. You'll also be placed on our email list where you'll be able to view new videos before they're made public on YouTube.

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Taylor's Little Sheller

Taylor's Little Sheller

Taylor Little Sheller Video of shelling "Top Pick" pink eye purple hull peas

Two models to choose from

Taylor's Large model 675

$459 = $40 shipping anywhere in the continental US

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Taylor's Smaller model 640

$329 + $30 shipping anywhere in the continental US

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Hooke n' Crooke Hoes

Hooke n' Crooke Hoes

"Best hoe I ever had"

Hoss Tools My #1 choice for a walk behind planter. Makes planting easy with an innovative seed plate design that allows you to customize your planting to meet your exact needs. Made in the USA Hoss Tools


Pat's Easy Change System for your tractorPat's Easy Change System for your tractor


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