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Author Topic: This is a first  (Read 460 times)
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« on: June 17, 2013, 02:17:58 PM »

Getting seeds and sprouts to go this spring has been an awful job here in northeast MO. If they do get started the bugs get them. If its not the bugs then its the rain and 40mph winds. As much as I love to garden this spring has been no fun at all. Now that I've complained awhile I'll pose my question. I've grown green beans every year I've gardened. Every year, including last spring, they've done fine. Towards the end of last summer I planted 2 more short rows as the heat earlier in the year prohibited the early planted beans to set. The late summer planting sprouted fine and thats when the problems began. The pod would open and those first 2 leaves would begin to appear. The next day all the tender fresh growth inside the pod would be gone.....looked just like a small stick growing out of the soil. This was a problem on appx half of the (2) 25ft rows that I planted. I went back down the row and pulled those "sticks" and replanted. The second planting sprouted and I had no more problem. Fast forward to this spring....

We had a window of about 2 weeks during prime planting time where the weather was beautiful. That is when I planted (1) 50ft row of bush beans and (1) 50ft row of pole beans. They all sprouted but soon after opening the first new leaves would disappear overnight. Again, prob half each row was effected. I replanted and the replants came up. They actually did well for about a week after the pod opened. They put on their first new leaves just like they're supposed to. I began to notice some minor bug damage so I broke out the sevin. Now every plant in both rows is being chewed on by something. I've sprayed sevin 2 or 3 times to no avail. The ends of the leaves are drying, holes are showing up in the leaves, classic bug damage. I've been on my hands and knees numerous times looking for the culprit and, aside from 2 ladybugs, I've found no critters at all except ants. I've been out there early in the morning, middle of the day, late in the evenings....and can find no critter anywhere except ants. There are no weeds yet so there is nowhere to hide. Now I've never heard of ants causing damage to bean plants but is this possible? I dont believe, though I suppose it is possible, that ants were causing the damage as soon as the pod opened, but this damage is continuing to get worse and there are no critters out there that I can see besides ants. Now, if ants do in fact damage bean plants in this way, how the heck does one go about getting rid of them? I've never had a problem with any kind of ants before so I'm totally lost. I did just order some permethrin for squash bug control later in the that viable for ants? Obviously sevin doesn't seem to bother em any

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« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2013, 07:09:39 PM »

If the first leaves out of the ground (called cotyledons) are disappearing over night, then you've either got cutworms, slugs, or rabbits.  Sevin should kill ants as it does here in Louisiana.  Deer will eat the tops off beans and peas but usually after the grow 6-8 inches tall.  Good luck.

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« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2013, 09:11:04 PM »

That same thing happens to every planting of green beans I have ever done. But fortuneatly they come out of it. This yr the problem has been worse to the point I wasn't sure they would make it but finally they did. It took about the 4 round of leaves before they seem to be breaking free of whatever is eating them. And everyone around here is having the exact same problem.

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