My 2016 Garden Journal

January 2016

January 4 - Transplanted volunteer tomatoes (Cuostralee) into pots and placed under lights. Planted lettuce seeds in the raised beds.

January 8 - Started my Cherokee Purple and Black Krim tomatoes under lights. Harvested a few carrots.

January 12 - Started Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers from seeds, under lights.

January 15 - Started Bull Nose bell peppers, under lights.  Seeds from Thomas Jefferson's garden at Monticello.

January 19 - Got containers of compost from cotton gin.

January 25 - Harvested Cabbage


February 2016

February 4 - Topped off soil in tomato seedling pots

February 16 - Started more Wax Peppers under lights

February 17 – My grandson Jace and I started work on the GreenStalk vertical planter. Transplanted some green onions on the bottom tier.

February 21 – Planted Butter Crunch lettuce (2nd tier) and Mustard Greens (3rd tier) in the GreenStalk planter. Harvested 1 and 1/2 gal. bags of green onions from the raised bed.


March 2016

March 2 - Transplanted Black Krim tomatoes into the raised bed.

March 3 - Harvested more Cabbage.

March 7 - Transplanted Cherokee Purple tomatoes in the raised beds

March 16 - Harvested Cabbage

March 19 - Jace started his own Wax Peppers under lights.

March 22 - Transplanted a few Bell Peppers and a Coustralee Tomato

March 23 - Replanted Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber that were damaged in a light frost.

March 26 - Transplanted the last of the tomatoes and bell peppers.


April 2016

April 1 - Planted a hill of Yellow Squash. Started a few more wax peppers under lights.

April 5 - Transplanted the first of the Wax Peppers

April 23 -  First fruit set on tomatoes, Side Dressed with Calcium Nitrate


May 2016

May 4 - Started more Bell Peppers under lights

May 6 - Planted another hill of Yellow Squash

May 9 - Planted another hill of Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber

May 19 - Harvested the first cucumbers of the season.  57 days after planting.

May 21 - Transplanted two more Wax Peppers.

May 27 - Harvested the first Cherokee Purple tomato.  81 days after transplanting.

Harvested the first Yellow Squash.  57 days after planting.


June 2016

June 10 - Harvested first of the Bell Peppers.  80 days after transplanting


July 2016

July 3 - Planted another hill of cucumber and yellow squash

July 12 - Started Germination Test on Wax and Bell peppers


November 2016

November 16 - Planted Cabbage, Lettuce and Mustard Greens

November 24 - Cabbage and Mustard Green are up



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