Hooke n' Crooke Hoes

Best garden hoe I've ever had

Taylor Pea Sheller

No more shelling peas by hand. The "Little Sheller" by Taylor Mfg. makes that job quick and easy.  Pea Sheller

Quick Hitch for your tractor

Pat's easy change tractor quick hitch saves both time and aggravation when changing tools on your tractor.

Reusable Canning Lids

Tattle reusable canning lids. No rust lids for canning and vacuum sealing.

Hoss Wheel Hoe and Planter

Greg Key would like to invite everyone to check out the Hoss Wheel Hoe and the new Hoss Garden Seeder Planter.

Compost Worms

Worm castings is one of the best additives for your garden or compost tea. Using the right compost worms is necessary for best results.

Cate's Garden

Cate's Garden Premium Compost Thermometer, knee pads and Pruning Shears.  Cate's Garden

Sewing with Cynthia Guffey

Sewing videos and patterns by Cynthia Guffey.

Zook Design

Zook's Custom Fishing Rods

Bayou Buck Lures

Redfish lures, Speckled trout lures by Bayou Buck Lures. Turns rookies into pros.

Bayou Guide Service

Louisiana fishing charters in the marsh and coastal waters with Bayou Guide Service.

Light Tackle Charters

Houma South Louisiana fishing charters with Light Tackle Charters.

Gyroplane, Gyrocopter, Autogyro or Gyro

Flying over the bayous and swamps of South Louisiana.




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